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Ireland and the arts by W. B. Yeats

Ireland and the Arts

The arts have failed; fewer people are interested in them every generation. The mere business of living, of making money, of amusing oneself, occupies people more and more, and makes them less and less capable of the difficult art of appreciation.

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Is Shakespeare Dead by Mark Twain

‘Is Shakespeare Dead?’ – An Excerpt

He was born on the 23d of April, 1564.Of good farmer-class parents who could not read, could not write, could not sign their names.
At Stratford, a small back settlement which in that day was shabby and unclean, and densely illiterate.

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lot no. 249 illustration by Martin Van Maele

Fiction: Lot No. 249

The mummy itself, a horrid, black, withered thing, like a charred head on a gnarled bush, was lying half out of the case, with its clawlike hand and bony forearm resting upon the table. Propped up against the sarcophagus was an old yellow scroll of papyrus, and in front of it, in a wooden armchair, sat the owner of the room, his head thrown back, his widely-opened eyes directed in a horrified stare to the crocodile above him, and his blue, thick lips puffing loudly with every expiration.

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Mountain scene
Belles Lettres

Fiction: To Be Read At Dusk

Mr. James and I were to start for Germany in about a week. The exact day depended on business. Mr. John came to Poland Street (where I was staying in the house), to pass that week with Mr. James. But, he said to his brother on the second day, ‘I don’t feel very well, James…

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Essay by Virginia Woolf

Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights

Virginia Woolf, born 25 January 1882 was a literary icon on the 20th century who mastered the ‘stream of consciousness’ narrative device. In this critical essay she writes about the Bronte sisters.

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