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Monday July 4, 2022

About the company

Word and Art Matters. Writing is the deep expression of ourselves. The conscious we and our dreaming brain weave new words and paint the seen and the surreal. The world of film, theater, books, music, and all the creative indulgences we nurture to shine light and sign posters. is a literary magazine dedicated to publishing fiction, poetry, experimental fiction and poetry, book reviews, literary criticism, and more. We take on to the understanding of film, performance art, and various culture-related events. We believe in reconfiguring the world with pens, paints, keyboards, cameras, headphones, nail-biting, clapsticks, coffee mugs, and teacups. We love to burn the midnight oil to find the best idea at the last flicker of the light. At, we aim at fostering ambitious prosody and poetics. Expanding to create, encourage, and support a community of both emerging and established creative writers and artists who will find their coveted literary home here.

We propose bringing the real, keeping the weird. Connecting with the world. Making a home and spark new inspirations.

Our Story
Sumi Duttaray

Dr. Mousumi Dutta ray

Mousumi Duttaray is at once the managing editor, guiding star, mentor and comrade of the team. With a masterly knowledge of digital publishing and a long experience in academia, she steers the magazine clear of troubled waters and ensures every single of her team members are in the best of spirits. She is a collector of friends.

Pallavi Banerjee

Pallavi Banerjee is an old-fashioned editor who still swears by authors of the last century. A stoic by nature and a cynic by nurture, she takes everything including her own assertions with a pinch of salt. She is somewhat fond of music and mountains.

Pallavi Majumdar

Pallavi Majumdar is the overzealous editor who juggles responsibilities at work and home with equal ease. She keeps abreast of the contemporary literary scene with meticulous curiosity. Her love of Hindustani classical music and food are something to write home about.

Tirthankar Deb

Tirthankar Deb is a cat father and heritage junkie who is crazy about colonial Kolkata. He takes care of the digital media marketing and events for the team and is the go-to person for all policy-related queries from team members, having spent more than just a few years in the organization.

Prasanta Aich

Prasanta Aich is a young man of seventy whose zeal for work and life can put youngsters to shame. He deftly handles the back-office functionalities of the magazine and still manages to keep everyone including the accounts department happy. His best hours are spent listening to old film songs.

Sanny Srivastava

Sanny Srivastava is the cool headed coder who doubles up as the team’s trusted troubleshooter so far technicalities are concerned. He is also a loving father and on some Sunday mornings he plays a mean game of cricket at the local ground.

Deep Chanda

Deep Chanda is the man who is responsible for the ‘look and feel’ of the magazine. As a graphic designer he is constantly at play with colours, fonts and layouts. He is also a travel and photography enthusiast whose holiday calendars are jam packed with itineraries.

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