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Monday July 4, 2022

I Will Cross the Sea of Desires

A storm at Sea

Translated by Hindol Bhattacharjee from the Bengali song by Tagore. The original song was composed at Santiniketan, in 1922.

I will cross the sea of desires, through the perilous waves
By the boat which breaks my fear 
With my faith on your  fearless  hymn 
Standing high with broken  mast 
The boat will go to your bank 
To the shadow of your sheltered tree 

The way will be shown by him who calls me 
I will start the boat in fearless mind 
This is the only task I have now
Certainly I know at the end of my journey
I will bring at the bank 
My blood-lotus of the days of sorrow
To your unknown feet of mercy.

I will cross the sea of desires


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