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Saturday July 2, 2022


childhood memories
Belles Lettres

Poem: Nawabgunj

How melancholy is this transition winter hour! People spread their wings. They burn in their own flaming evening lamp… An entire lifetime incubates itself in that warmth.

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Poem by Sadaf Munshi illustration Pxfuel
Belles Lettres

Poem: This is No Dream

I went sleepless and troubled/ Hiding under my pallid skin/As a thick blanket of darkness/Enveloped the starless night.

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painting of Darjeeling 1948
Belles Lettres

My Own: Poem

While I fear someone will push me off of the edge,/The mountains tell me, “Don’t worry darling, I will catch you”.

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Fiction & Poetry

Poem: Broken Heart

My heart was chipped,/broken,/
a thousand times,/like my favourite porcelain plate,/inherited from my grandmother

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Hope by Sayanshuvra Chakraborty
Young Minds


Hope a poem by Sayanshuvra Chakraborty.
My hopes were shattered/My anger became obsolete/My wishes went unanswered…

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