‘Squid Game’ is my Favorite Series

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squid game

There are hundreds if not thousands of OTT series which were released in recent years and with the rise of the coronavirus, the number of people who started watching movies and series on OTT platforms have risen substantially. 

There are also many OTT platforms now such as Netflix, Amazon prime, Zee5, Disney+hotstar etc. Some of the series I have watched are ‘Brooklyn 99’, ‘Shark Tank’, ‘Squid Game’, ‘Money Heist’, ‘Aranyak’, ‘Man vs. Wild’, just to name a few. Out of all these my favorite has to be “Squid Game” on Netflix. It is a South Korean series and took the world by storm when it was first released in September 2021.

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What basically happens in ‘Squid Game’ is that people with debt get invited to a game that offers them a chance to win billions by playing old Korean children’s games such as dalgona, tug of war, marbles, red light green light, ddakji and squid game. But the catch is that whoever loses gets eliminated in an extremely brutal way. The show revolves around a guy named Seong Gi Hun and shows how he got into debt and how he performs in the games. 

The series shows fierce competition and enmity among the players and how they can do anything for the prize money. Some people may find ‘Squid Game’ disturbing as it has many violent scenes. But, from this series we learn how teamwork is important and also it reminds us to improve our self-defense skills.

Shreyan Mundhra is a student of  Word Munchers, a Kolkata-based creative writing platform. 

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