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Saturday July 2, 2022

Are Books Better or the Screen?

books vs screen

“Reading is the gateway skill that makes all other learning possible” – a great quote by the first African American President of the USA – Mr. Barack Obama, explains the value of books through this very crisp and powerful observation. Truly nothing can take the place of a book, except another book!

Screen, be it the mobile phone or the computer, or its junior counterpart – the tablet, can only be a second option. The good old books have an appeal of their own that no other can take away. Electronics devices are undoubtedly glamorous, convenient and popular among the new generation, but not without their drawbacks. The different forms of screens, with their wide variety of contents, play havoc on young minds. The graphic displays of violence and bloodshed, the widely available adult contents and a wide assortment of online games, all contribute to the death of innocence.  Books, on the other hand, are, and has always been, a true friend to humans. It is a time-tested mode of learning and entertainment. 

Reading a book can be very soothing and stimulating for the brain, while being absolutely safe for the eyes, unlike an electronic screen. Majority of the eye ailments are due to the massive increase of electronic visual gadgets, that destroy the delicate construction of the human eye.

I would like to conclude with a quote by Ernest Hemingway, it says – ” There is no friend as loyal as a book”.


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