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Saturday July 2, 2022

A Game of Cards

card game

It was a cool winter evening when everyone was getting ready to play a game of cards. The best thing about cards is that anyone can play it whether it is a 5-year old child or an 80-year old man. It has many variations like Poker, Solitaire, Kaboo, just to name a few.

  We decided to play an excellent card game called “Bluff”. There were five of us (my parents, grandparents and I) playing with three decks of cards. The game began with a lot of excitement. At the beginning, everyone was trying to bluff each other but no one succeeded. As time was passing by, the excitement grew. Soon it was time for tea and snacks. Everyone was eating and playing. My grandfather was leading, then my father took an entry but in the last few minutes everyone was trying to remove their cards. Everyone thought that grandfather or my father would win but with the help of a bluff, the game changed and I won. My father was disappointed as he had almost won the game.

   But when the game was over, everyone was able to relax as we were tense over winning and losing. Cards are something which can always make you feel happy and entertained. It even improves our memory and intelligence, that’s why I love playing cards. 

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