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Saturday July 2, 2022

Poem: Song of The Statue

poem by Rilke

Who so loveth me that he
Will give his precious life for me?
I shall be set free from the stone
If some one drowns for me in the sea,
I shall have life, life of my own,—
For life I ache.

I long for the singing blood,
The stone is so still and cold.
I dream of life, life is good.
Will no one love me and be bold
And me awake?

    .    .    .    .

I weep and weep alone,
Weep always for my stone.
What joy is my blood to me
If it ripens like red wine?
It cannot call back from the sea
The life that was given for mine,
Given for Love’s sake.


Translated by Jessie Lamont

Image courtesy: Pixabay
All works of Rainer Maria Rilke are now in the public domain.


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