Photo story: Hornbill Festival in Nagaland

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Nagaland, the most inaccessible jungle and hilly state in North East part of India. Near about fourteen tribes live in this mysterious and thrilling nature, such as Angami, Kakcha, Kuki, Zeaning, Aao, Koniak, Chokhsang, Lotha, Rengma, Chang, Pomphem, Wongchera, Wolenkte, Kachardi etc.

They are very different in behavior, dress and culture. But, all of them are very efficient in hunting. Even there are three primitive tribes had a ritual in Head Hunting. Different tribes have different festivals, in different places and different season. So, tourists were facing difficulties to visit inaccessible place and time also.

Therefore, Nagaland tourism department arranged a festival on 1st December 2000 with association of all tribes. That is Hornbill Festival. Primarily it was only three days festival, but later due to its popularity it was extended to ten days. This festival is held in Kasma Heritage Village near Kohima.

At this time all tribes get together in artificial traditional huts and participate Hornbill, Peacock, Butterfly dance. Also, Tiger Hunting, Head Hunting, Stilt Race, Archary, Wrestling even “Kindle a Fire”, Drum beats – the primitive communicative signals are the most aesthetical presentation to the tourists.

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