A Few of My Favourite Things

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my favourite ice cream

There are many things which I love to do. It’s very difficult for me to make a list of a few of my favourite things.

Art is beautiful. I love to do art and craft and love to visit museums and admire paintings and sculptures. Books are my best friend. I learn a lot about the world and life by reading books.

Flowers are also beautiful and they make me feel happy. I love to grow flowers in my garden. I feel happy when the flowers start to bloom. My favourite flower is rose.

I love to go for holidays. It always makes me feel excited. Whenever I get a chance to go for vacation with my parents, I feel great.

Ice creams are something I love to eat. I can eat ice cream all year. My favourite ice cream flavour is chocolate chip.

I am so glad that I have so many favourite things.

Image courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

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