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Wednesday June 29, 2022

Twinkle Twinkle- Gazing at the stars

stargazing with father starry night sky
We saw a lot of stars in the sky

It was an early winter evening and I went to see the stars on the terrace with my father. We saw a lot of stars in the sky only because the biggest star the Sun had set. The moon along with many twinkling stars could be seen in the black sky. The stars were scattered all over the sky. I tried counting them but gave up because I was confused again and again. My favourite star is the Pole Star, it shone brightly and my mother taught me that it always points to the north. Even the planet Venus was visible. Both Venus and the pole star were shining like a fairy’s wand and tiara. The stars looked like small dots in the sky and if we joined those dots we could make shapes of animals, my father said. I tried to make animals but I got confused and this made me very sad. Maybe if I prayed to God, he would fulfil my wish and teach me to draw animals in the night sky. I loved gazing at the twinkling stars with my father.

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