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Wednesday June 29, 2022

My Favourite Winter Vegetable

winter vegetable carrrot
Carrots are my favourite winter vegetable

My favourite winter vegetable is the carrot just like a rabbit, but I am not a rabbit of course. I love carrots because they are sweet to taste and healthy too. Mom says that carrots are packed with dense nutrients and high fibre. When I was very little, mom used to feed me carrots pureed into tasty soups. I also loved chewing it raw. In my school science book I read that carrots are roots of the plant and 88 percent of it is water. One interesting fact is we think of carrots as orange but they can also be white, yellow, red and purple!! Carrots are rich in beta carotene which turns into vitamin A inside our body, hence it improves our eyesight, boosts our immune system and promotes healthy skin. It is also a good source of Vitamin C,K,B6, calcium, manganese, potassium and iron. Hence it strengthens our bones as well. So many reasons to eat a carrot!! The best part is that we can have it in various different forms. We can slice it on salads, noodles or even have it in pickles. It can also be baked or grilled and even cooked into a stew or stuffed into patties. In fact, in winters carrots are perfect for desserts like the delicious gajar ka halwa or my favourite carrot pie. Hence, I love carrots and eat them very often in winters. I wish I could have had it throughout the year!!


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