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Saturday July 2, 2022


poem moon
Belles Lettres

Poem: The Mother

A horned owl hooted in derision across/the dark, putrid air (which was strange/because an ochre sun still glowered/on the horizon),/But no crickets chirped.

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childhood memories
Belles Lettres

Poem: Nawabgunj

How melancholy is this transition winter hour! People spread their wings. They burn in their own flaming evening lamp… An entire lifetime incubates itself in that warmth.

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kaifi azmi birth anniversary

Remembering Kaifi Azmi: A Poet of Rebellion

He lived in a modest commune in Andheri. As a party member Kaifi earned a monthly stipend of Rs 40 which bore the expenses of the family. He was by then already married to Shaukat Azmi who would go on to become another important member of the IPTA in her own right.

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POems by Arch Alfred McKillen
Belles Lettres

Two Poems by Arch Alfred McKillen

Arch Alfred McKillen enlisted into the US Army during the Second World War and became a bookseller. He published his lone collection of poems The Death of the Scharnhorst and other Poems, by Arch Alfred McKillen in 1942.

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life of a woman
Belles Lettres

Poem: Letter to Myself

If only you can thank the August rain,/The road trips with false lovers,/
The unflattering mirrors, the ditched playgrounds…

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