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Sunday December 5, 2021


Che Guevara at B N Elias factory Agarpara

The Galaxy of Calcutta Jewish Stars

While Sulochana (Ruby Myers 1907 – 1983) and Nadira (Florence Ezekiel 1932 – 2006) were Baghdadi Jewish girls from Pune and Bombay respectively, Esther Victoria Abraham (Pramila) and her cousin Rose who introduced Esther to film were from Calcutta.

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Jewish emigration from Calcutta

Never Say Goodbye

The nineteen forties were tumultuous. British and American soldiers were stationed in Calcutta, including Jewish service men. There was a British and American Chaplain (Bloch and Seligson) active in Jewish community affairs.

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Neveh Shalome synagogue Kolkata Sanjeet Chowdhury photograph

Remembering My Calcutta Jewish Childhood

The sacred wine was made and bottled at the Beth El synagogue till the early 1970’s when Isaac Agha Baba, the only person who knew to make Kosher wine, (that is in keeping with Jewish dietary laws), passed away.

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Nawab Wajid Ali Shah Awadh

The Ousted Nawab of Oudh

Had the circumstances been different, history would perhaps have hailed him as a great king. He had the qualities of a good administrator notwithstanding his extravagance.

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