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Sri Lankan cuisine

Food for War or War for Food

Food habits of people have been determined time and again by their socio-political environment. Sounds weird?
It will be clear by the time you finish reading this. We would take examples of countries that had been ridden with strifes and civil wars and would try decipher how their food had shaped up. We take examples from Cambodia and Sri Lanka.

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restaurants and cafes in Kolkata

Eating Calcutta: Then and Now

At school I tucked into tiffin boxes filled with food from so many communities. I happily exchanged corn beef sandwiches for spicy Aloo Parathas. I will never forget my first taste of Sushi at my friend Ikuko’s birthday party.

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Taste of Myanmar Burmese cuisine

A Taste of Myanmar from my Childhood

The complexity In Burmese food is found more by focusing on each mouthful rather than expecting it to immediately overwhelm the tastebuds.In short, flavours of Burmese cuisine are subdued and nuanced with the flavours that are salty, sour, bitter, spicy, or even sweet.

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Thanksgiving meal

My First Thanksgiving Dinner

I had seen Thanksgiving feasts on cable TV before in India. But when your friend’s grandma brings a steaming hot freshly basted Turkey out of the oven and you can see the lovely brown almost crackling skin on top and the stuffing spilling out, it is an entirely different experience.

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sharing a meal eating together

Food: the Universal Unifier

At the dining table the conversation had over food among different genders, races and social communities has the scope to reduce preconceptions and prejudices which is why food can initiate a strong social community bonding.

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summer coolers drinks

Immunity Boosting Summer Coolers

While I recovered, my mother used to prepare some homemade immunity booster drinks for us. The concoction of herbs, fruits and vegetables, if prepared with the right proportion, can be beneficial to our immune system.

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the smell of moist earth triggers memories

Déjà vu

For every individual, a scent and the memories it conjures is a unique story to tell. For many residents who have lived long enough in Kolkata and the city is ingrained deep within their soul, this experience is probably shared.

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