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painting of Darjeeling 1948
Image courtesy flickr
While I fear someone will push me off of the edge,
The mountain tells me, “Don’t worry darling, I will catch you”. 
While everyone’s chasing the sunshine,
I find solace in the dark foothills of Kanchenjunga. 
While everyone searches for their one,
I sit under the moonlight, the crisp night wind kissing me all over. 
While everyone’s out there fulfilling their dreams;
I wait for the Toy Train to arrive. 
While he sings for her,
The soft rustle of leaves put me to sleep. 
So, when I fall…deep deep down leaving all the shrieking cries behind,
The Queen of the Hills, my coffee scented Darjeeling—
Sighs and tells me,
“It’s been too long, my love. Welcome home”.

Image courtesy: flickr

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6 Responses

  1. It brings all flavours of Darjeeling in a moment. You wrote wonderfully Kamalini, keep it up.

  2. It brings all the flavours of Darjeeling in a moment. Keep it up Kamalini, we are waiting……

  3. Such a beautiful tribute to Nature. The setting of contrasts and thus establishing one’s unique bond with Nature is so impressively done. The last line beautifully expresses the everlasting companionship of Nature through the poet’s close relationship with Darjeeling and it’s aura

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