Poem: Unforgotten

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poem by Anjana Dutt

I drift through the corridors of your mind
Floating into doorways 
Drifting over thresholds into spaces 
Redolent with wishes long forgotten
Like faded blossoms, fragile, trampled, 
Slowly turning to dust
Ghostly whispers of promises, and laughter 
Wafting through rooms no longer visited…


A pale yellow light, stirring dust motes 
Fragrant, playful, brushes across my face
The air cooler, brighter, rain drop fresh
Cobwebs quivering, released from dark corners
Revealing dreamlike a portrait long forgotten
Quick brushstrokes by an impatient hand
Capturing a face – my face
Hair aslant eyes narrowed in mirth


And with this awakening I realised
I was not forgotten nor relegated to the past
But treasured in the recesses of your mind.

Image courtesy: Flickr

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