Photo story: Brick temples of Bengal

The brick temples of Bengal have been created by Bengal artisans in their style. These temples are unique. There are many differences between the temples of Bengal and the temples of other parts of India (North and South India). These differences lie in both aspects of temple architecture and ornamentation. The very high shikhara of the North Indian temples is hardly seen in temples here. On the other hand, the gopuram, the temple entrance of South India, is absent here.

Various types of brick temples can be found in West Bengal, such as Chala temple, Ratna temple, Deul temple, etc. Chala temple looks like the Chala house of rural Bengal. There are various types of Chala temples such as Do-Chala, Char-Chala, Aat-Chala, etc. Again, two Chala temples are joined together to form a Jore-Bangla temple. Ratna Mandir or temple has a small peak on the roof of the temple. Like Chala temple, various types of Ratna temples can be seen such as Eka-Ratna, Pancha-Ratna, Nava-Ratna, Panchabingshati-Ratna temple, etc. The shikhara or peak of a Deul temple is very high. Again 108 Chala temples in a circular fashion make 108 (Shiva) temples.

Many temples are decorated with beautiful terracotta plaques. Artists use different types of plaques to decorate temples. Among them, the social image occupies a large part. Such as Bengal Babu, Babu Bilas, etc.

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