Poem: A Dwindled Dawn

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dwindled dawn poem by Vishnupriya

The night’s a complete washout
The eyes can’t hold the ocean
Flooding the parched soil
And  does its own thing 
with the mascara, the eyeliner 
And the whittled down eyeshadow
looks a ghostly galleon 
tossing on the inky waters 
rudderless, drifting, lost
And I am a specter to behold

I see DiCaprio and Winslet at the bow
They must have imagined a tomorrow 
That’s when I wake up to a dwindled dawn
The blinds filter only a frail ray 
crouching in corners almost wilting 
feebly asking for a lift me up 
and I shudder
But I’ll use all my love
to color this anorexic morninglight 
and make it look ruddier

Image courtesy: Pixabay

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