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Home » Audio Visual » City Murals – A Global Tour

Street art in our modern time is introduced in the early ’60s  and pinnacled during the 70s and 80s in New York as it started spreading across the globe. Now, we can see some of the best street arts across the world and growing every day, getting bigger and better, encompassing the regional socio-cultural aspect.  The most eye-catching ones are exhibiting the walls of many cities in the US, Buenos Aires in Argentina, Berlin in Germany, London in the UK, and Sao Paulo in Brazil.

It is also a trending phenomenon in India, as we see the cities and artists are busy collaborating in beautifying their neighborhoods. It is a hearty environment to observe a growing community of street artists, and the organized street art movement is gaining prominence.

Contrary to the initial graffiti movement, the city arts are now commissioned by the governments to support street art artists and using them for promoting social causes and create awareness.  Many street art festivals are now organized across the country and a feast for photographers.  Giant colorful murals have infused new life into otherwise bland street walls. In 2015, the Central Public Works Department partnered with St+Art India Foundation to convert the Lodhi Colony area into the first open-air art district in India.

Kolkata’s own, Sabyasachi Talukdar who is a globetrotter, photographer, and publisher has taken fancy to this art form and has traveled across the world to capture them through his lens and this is a glimpse of his journey through this route.

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