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Saturday July 2, 2022

The Fateful Crossing

illustration of story of an orphan boy

“I have been walking tirelessly for the past half an hour, but no level crossing was in sight”, Raju mumbled to himself. After being thrown out by his foster family Raju decided to go to the only place where he could be closest to his real parents. Raju’s parents died when he was just seven years old.  Since his parents had not been in touch with their other family members, nobody came forward to help the little boy. Since Raju had no money he was put into foster care. At the age of eleven, he was adopted by a family who resided in the city of Mumbai. He had spent the last thirteen years with the family, working in the family’s diamond business. One day Raju was caught stealing diamonds from the factory. The family confronted him and he confessed that he was smuggling the diamonds out and selling them. The family threw him out though he owned up. But he was no longer part of the family. Raju accepted his fate and took off instantly.

 The blaring sound of a train caught Raju off guard, and he stumbled back. He squinted ahead and there it was, the level crossing. Raju ran towards the noise and stared in amazement as the train zoomed past him. He sat there recollecting his memories and broke down. He stared at the tracks where his parents were killed. 


Image courtesy: Pinterest has collaborated with ‘Word Munchers’, a creative writing platform that trains and encourages kids and youngsters to hone their creative writing skills. will be publishing two short essays by students of ‘Word Munchers’ every Saturday.


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