Poem: Neemai the Beloved Tree

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Nee tree

You braved years,
Lived through the happy times and the tears.

You were there when that little child fell,
She bruised her leg and cried. 
You felt for her, rustled your leaves,
Until her eyes dried.

You were there during the monsoon,
Sometime in the month of June.
When the child lovingly named you,
And you shook your branches right on cue.

You saw that little girl grow up,
And you saw her evolve.
All the time looking after her, 
Silent but omnipresent. 

And then one day a cyclone struck,
You tried to brave it through,
But suddenly with a loud crash,
You fell on your side too.

And that little girl, not so little anymore,
She came running out to the verandah,
Worrying about you.
She tore up, but tried to hide the tears,
Yet you tried to control her fears.

For the last time,
You rustled your leaves, as though in a goodbye.
For the clock of your life chimed to a stop,
And on this cruel Earth, done was your job.

In the morning, came the wood cutters.
They jabbed at you, and they cut you up,
While passers-by looked on.

Years pass. 
And people moved on, forgetting. 
But then one day that girl, now at the brink of adulthood,
She wrote a poem for you.
She has now found her other Neemai,
The one which you left behind,
The one growing from your stem.

And as she reads this poem out loud,
At night, under a sky filled with clouds,
This Neemai, she rustles her leaves,
And to the wind she gives,
Just like you did,

It’s as though you never did leave. 

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