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Saturday July 2, 2022

My New Year Resolutions

new year resoltion has collaborated with ‘Word Munchers’, a creative writing platform that trains and encourages kids and youngsters to hone their creative writing skills. will be publishing two short essays by students of ‘Word Munchers’ every Saturday.

It was a cold winter morning and I was sitting with a cup of hot chocolate, when I realized that the new year was getting close and I had still not written my new year resolutions. I quickly took a piece of paper and a pencil to write down my list for the upcoming year. 

I thought hard and gradually started thinking about this year, the pandemic and  how people had to struggle. Life is  unpredictable! I decided that I would step out of my comfort zone and be more open to new experiences. Firstly I would start  making  new friends. Before the pandemic I had always restricted myself to one group of friends, but now I realised that I need to step out of my safety zone. The next in line would be sharpening up my debating and public speaking skills, which again would allow me to step out of my cocoon. The most important thing that I realized was that Health is Wealth. Before the pandemic I didn’t pay that much attention to my health but now I decided to exercise everyday and stop being a couch potato. I would reduce eating unhealthy food and keep myself active as much as I can. I would stop making excuses about not doing any kind of physical activity.

After I finished penning down my resolutions, I was pretty satisfied with how they turned out. I wish to implement all of them and make my life better. This pandemic has made me realize that one never knows what will happen. One can just hope for the best and live life to the fullest.


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