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Saturday July 2, 2022

My Favourite Teacher

favourite teacher

A vast majority of students loathe studying because of the massive essays to be written, giant formulas to be remembered and a lot of other things, but there is always one teacher whom we love, in all schools and standards who makes learning enjoyable. My favourite teacher is our moral science ma’am, Ma’am Mukherjee.

The reason that I love her is because of the way she teaches us. Whenever we make a mistake she kindly explains to us that it is a wrong habit and rarely scolds us. She also engages us in a bunch of entertaining activities, such as a show and tell once every month for each of us to share our literature, drawings, crafts, reading and many more while making sure that we learn the morals of life. We also play amazing games frequently.  

Ma’am Mukherjee always listens to me with great interest and that is why she is my favourite teacher.


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