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Wednesday June 29, 2022

Mother’s Day Contest (I): What Does my Mother do?

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Thespaceink Mothers Day writing contest was announced to encourage young authors to write about their mother. We’ll be publishing Mothers Day articles throughout Mothers Day week.

My mother is a woman I idolize because she inspires me to become a stronger person. She teaches me the meaning of life and pushes me to be better than her.. She is a professor of English at an engineering college. My mother loves her profession but other than that she loves literature. She loves to read books and listen to songs. Sometimes she accompanies me, when I’m listening to my kind of music. The little balcony garden at our home was created by her and she takes very good care of it. As if the plants are her children too. Sometimes I tease her by calling her ‘mother nature’. She loves to associate with different kinds of people and is a social butterfly. She is an amazing anchor at social gatherings, and is often invited to various events as an anchor or debater because of her eristic nature. She has loads of friends but honestly I’m her best friend. With me she loves scrolling through social media and laughing at silly jokes. She doesn’t like watching TV a lot but there is one particular show she adores. Because she is a glutton, people expect her to be good at cooking but she absolutely hates cooking. She is a foodie, a bookworm, temperamental, a nemophilist and a music lover. She is full of flaws but hey she is my mother and she is awesome.



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  1. Nicely and truly written as I watched your mother as a head of the Institute where she works. I wish you too be a nice human being like her.

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