Story of Two Frogs

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two frogs
There lived two frogs. They were friends.

Once upon a time, in a village lived two frogs. They were friends and played with each other. One of the frogs was a little old and short while the other one was young and tall. The name of the old frog was Tad and the young frog was Mich. They both lived in a huge pond where all animals came to drink water and play.

After some days, it started getting hot, and the pond started to dry up. The two friends decided to go in search of another pond. They walked for miles but still could not find any source of water. They went on for some more miles and soon the old frog gave up and decided to stop the journey and live without water. The young frog said, “Don’t give up, my friend. Let us walk for some more time.” The old frog replied angrily, “ Not anymore!”, and went under a tree.

The young frog continued for some more time, and soon found a pond to live in. The old frog, however, decided to stay in the house of a village they had passed by. He went inside a village and found a well, but he could not see anything as it was pitch dark. He thought that he was lucky and he had done a good thing by not going with his friend. He thought for some time and jumped into the well. As soon as he jumped in the well, he hit the ground hard, and got badly hurt. Having no way out, he was very disappointed, and soon died. 

The young frog lived happily, and soon made new friends. He had survived the scorching heat because of a combination of his determination, and luck. 

Moral: If we are determined, we are bound to succeed.

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