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Saturday July 2, 2022

A Visit to a Rose Garden

rose garden

Last Sunday I went for a picnic with my family to a rose garden. There were rows of roses all over the garden. The roses were of different colours like red, pink, yellow and many more. There was a  sweet fragrance of roses all over the garden. There were many colourful butterflies among the flowers. Bees were sucking nectar from the flowers. In the middle of the garden there was a huge sprinkler which was sprinkling water on the rose plants. Inside the garden there were slides and swings, so we all enjoyed playing there. My grandfather and I went for a walk, and while we were walking, we saw many people exercising. While walking we also saw a small pond, where ducks were swimming. We fed the ducks. After a long walk we felt tired so we sat under a tree, and there we had our meal. After our meal I played football with my cousins. We saw a man watering the plants with a big hose pipe. He plucked a few roses for me to take me back home. It was a memorable day, as  I felt very happy visiting the rose garden.

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