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Tuesday May 17, 2022

A Picnic by the Lake

children's essay on picnic
The water looked crystal clear as it rippled in the light winter breeze. Image Pixabay.

It was a gratifying Sunday morning. Everyone in my family was in a happy and relaxed mood as the new year was about to begin, and since the weather was really pleasant, my father decided to take the family for a picnic by the Rabindra Sarobar lake. So, we packed our food in a basket and left on our journey. The Rabindra Sarobar was an hour and a half drive away. When we reached there, we laid a mattress, set up our amenities and began our picnic. 

The lake looked like a narrow and graceful stream in winter. The water looked crystal clear as it rippled in the light winter breeze. Due to the pandemic, there were not many people around, so the surrounding was tranquil and all we could hear were the chirp of the birds and the rustle of leaves. The area was surrounded by lush green trees and grass. The sun rays shone bright in the blazing blue sky. There were no clouds and there was a cold breeze blowing. My mother and grandmother had packed some sandwiches, juices and cakes. We sat down on the mat and had a hearty meal.

After our meal, we went bird watching in the swamp near the lake. We spotted Indian Silver birds, kingfishers and Bitterns. At sunset the birds began to fly back to their nests and the sky turned golden. Thereafter we took a few pictures and picked up our trash. Evening was setting in, so we packed all of our belongings and left as it was getting dark. I thanked my father for that lovely picnic by the lake and went off into a deep slumber drained out, after dinner.

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