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Saturday July 2, 2022

The Suspect

creative writing fiction

I’m the CEO of a trading company and well respected in the industry. It was a normal business day. My secretary informed, someone has come for an interview. I recognized him very easily,  as Jack who was my biggest foe in high school. Jack was a popular boy in high school but I was very smart too and always beat him in ‘Who’s More Popular’. I always topped the school and people loved me. Apparently he had come to invite me for a charity dinner next month. I was skeptical about the offer but nevertheless accepted it.

Jack left the office with a grin. I knew he was planning something. To my utter dismay, the next day after work the police were waiting for me. According to them, I was a prime suspect in an identity theft and fraud case that happened recently. There was evidence against me. My visiting card and a trail of my cologne. I was in total jeopardy and had to go to the police station for an interrogation. 

After the interrogation it was found that I was in office when the incident occurred and all my employees also gave statements supporting my  alibi. The CCTV footage also helped. The whole thing took a few months. It was a tiring and embarrassing time for me. When it passed, I was relieved to be out of the mess. I went back to my business despite the fact it took me a few days to get back to my usual self. After a few days my friend Jack was arrested by the police. He was an accomplice in the crime.

Image courtesy: Pxhere has collaborated with ‘Word Munchers’, a creative writing platform that trains and encourages kids and youngsters to hone their creative writing skills. will be publishing two short essays by students of ‘Word Munchers’ every Saturday.


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