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Saturday July 2, 2022

Chocolate Flavoured Ice-creams

chocolate flavoured ice-creams

I love both chocolates and ice-creams, but ice-creams are my favourite. They are my favourite dessert and I eat one scoop every Sunday after our family lunch. Sometimes if we haven’t eaten an ice-cream on Sunday, our grandmother sends our staff to buy Five Star, Silk Dairy Milk or Kitkat for all the four children in our house. Chocolate flavoured ice-creams with lots of choco chips attract me the most. While eating chocolate ice-creams we all scream in delight, “Yummy in my tummy”. 

My mother makes amazing ice-creams. Our favourites are chocolate, custard apple, coconut and orange ice-creams. My grandmother loves orange ice-cream and my grandfather loves custard apple ice-cream made by my mother. Before the pandemic, my father used to take me along with my brother and cousins to Mama-Mia for an Ice-cream treat and we would be very excited to go there and choose our favourite mouthwatering flavor. I used to be slurping on the Belgian dark chocolate as the rich chocolate flavoured ice-cream just melted in my mouth.

Cookies and cream is my brother’s favourite as he loves the crunchiness of Oreo cookies in his ice-cream.  My sister enjoys strawberry flavour as it’s fresh and pink is also her favourite colour. There are lots of ice-creams with different flavours like mint, mango, banana, vanilla, coconut, hazelnut but I have noticed that each one of us have different tastes and we enjoy different special ingredients in our ice-creams.

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