The Autobiography of A Polluted River

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autobiography of a polluted river
I became very polluted while flowing through cities

I am the mighty river you bathe and play in. My birth took place in the Himalayas, and I am speaking to you for a specific reason. I want to tell you a story that is very touching.

I was a small river back then and everyone cared for me with a lot of affection. But after I became bigger I was being ignored and people threw trash in me. They washed utensils and bathed animals in me. I flow through many important and ancient cities like Varanasi, Patna and Kolkata. I became very polluted because of the urban people’s negligence towards me. After some time, I got so polluted that it came to the notice of the government. It launched a public project to clean and conserve me and my resources. This is all I want. That you will not pollute me. It is my only wish right now. 

Your life depends on mine and mine on yours. So, if you pollute me, it will harm you as well, not just me! I don’t feel anything but I say this just for you. I hope you continue to keep the rivers like me clean and don’t harm yourself.

A Word Munchers Kolkata and collaboration. 

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