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Beyond Fossil Fuels: A Just and Equitable Path to a Sustainable Future

For the past three decades, the discourse on climate change and global warming has taken center stage on the world’s discursive platform. Ever since the 2015 Paris Agreement, limiting global temperature rise to within 1.5 degrees Celsius above the preindustrial average global temperature has been a central tenet of this discourse. The global average temperature is rapidly approaching this critical threshold.

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Moynaq ship cemetery Uzbekistan

Chasing a Dead Sea- Visiting Moynaq on Aral Sea in Uzbekistan

Twenty minutes later we were at what is now known as the Moynaq ship cemetery. The level of the now barren Aral Sea was somewhere below the road, and a flight of steep steps led down from a kind of viewing gallery. From that height the brown rusted hulks looked like toy boats left behind by children bored after play.

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climate refugees

We May All be Refugees

As our planet reels from the myriad challenges posed by climate change it is important to consider how definitions of

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Kolkata wetlands

Saving Kolkata’s Future: One Pond at a Time

Kolkata’s innumerable freshwater and salt-water bodies, if we cherish, manage, and protect, will play a vital role in mitigating our tenuous climate future These wetlands play a pivotal role in naturally treating our sewage through a self-sustaining system, partly natural and partly engineered.

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black naped pheasant pigeon bird

A Race Against Time

The latest State of the World’s Birds report estimates a decline in the population of as many as 48 per cent of the birds worldwide, with almost 1,409 species at the risk of going extinct.

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summer heat blinds

Surviving in Summer

Some simple yet efficient time-tested methods like use of blinds, shades, insulation and blackout curtains that considerably lower the room temperature during the sunniest periods of the day…

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migratory birds at lake Chilika in Odisha India

The Significance of Migratory Birds

Bar-headed geese fly over the frozen Himalayas when the temperature can freeze exposed flesh as they make their astonishing high-altitude migration to wintering grounds in India.

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