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Friday August 12, 2022


summer heat blinds

Surviving in Summer

Some simple yet efficient time-tested methods like use of blinds, shades, insulation and blackout curtains that considerably lower the room temperature during the sunniest periods of the day…

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migratory birds at lake Chilika in Odisha India

The Significance of Migratory Birds

Bar-headed geese fly over the frozen Himalayas when the temperature can freeze exposed flesh as they make their astonishing high-altitude migration to wintering grounds in India.

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Liberty garden in US during WWI

A Breath of Fresh Air

During World War I the U.S. government encouraged people to fight food shortage by planting a Liberty Garden and gardening helped jobless people survive the Great Depression.

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reduce carbon footprint

One Last Chance

When people see someone taking steps to curb harmful greenhouse gases, they feel responsible to do the same.

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