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Tuesday June 28, 2022


Kapil Dev turns 63

The Man Who Speaks ‘Kaplish’

But no such thing with Kapil Dev. He doesn’t have to weigh his words before opening his mouth. Because, he doesn’t need to speak English. He speaks Kaplish.

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Virat Kohli and Mohammad Rizwan

Triumph of Humanity in The World of Sports

watching Indian captain Virat Kohli embrace opponents Mohammad Rizwan and Babar Azam was such a refreshing sight that it wiped out part of the disappointment fans experienced from the drubbing.

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pink ball bcci

Can The Pink-Ball Revive Test Cricket?

The primary difference between the red ball and pink ball is that unlike the former, to which grease is applied on the outer surface, the pigment is applied to the leather to make it pink.

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