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Sunset in Victoria

Land Of Mountains, Snow and Sunsets: Canada, Part 2

In only a few corners of the globe will you encounter the Pacific Ocean embracing a mountain range as it does along the sea-to-sky highway leading to Whistler. The journey unveils a breathtaking panorama of azure waters caressing the rugged coastal mountains. En route, the sight of Shannon Falls cascading down, alongside its provincial park, captivates the senses.

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black naped pheasant pigeon bird

A Race Against Time

The latest State of the World’s Birds report estimates a decline in the population of as many as 48 per cent of the birds worldwide, with almost 1,409 species at the risk of going extinct.

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aerial view of lake
Audio Visual

Photo Story: Unique Moments in Time

Abstract photography is difficult to pin down because it specifically works to break the rules which makes it one of the most creative and enjoyable genres  of photography because the subject possibilities are infinite.

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home flowers in Kalimpong

The Window Flowers of Kalimpong District

There are pink, lilac, and blue Hydrangeas, Fuchsias in pale pink, shocking pink, white and deep purples, open wild red Roses, Geraniums, Jasmine, wild orchids, Himalayan Hibiscus, Cherry blossoms in October and November, and fields of deep red Rhododendron from the end of March to mid-April in the higher ranges.

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