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Sunday December 5, 2021


Liberty garden in US during WWI

A Breath of Fresh Air

During World War I the U.S. government encouraged people to fight food shortage by planting a Liberty Garden and gardening helped jobless people survive the Great Depression.

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reduce carbon footprint

One Last Chance

When people see someone taking steps to curb harmful greenhouse gases, they feel responsible to do the same.

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short story for children
Young Minds

Beauty and the Beast

In the days before the competition, he tried to prepare himself. He squished some berries onto his skin to improve the dirty grey skin and got his friends the mongoose to clean him up.

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rain Kolkata
Belles Lettres

Feel the Rain

With the world fascinated with the rain, it doesn’t come as a surprise that rain has been romanced in literature and is often used to symbolize trials of life, ominous foreboding and a time of introspection.

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