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Sunday December 5, 2021

Lesley D Biswas

Virat Kohli and Mohammad Rizwan

Triumph of Humanity in The World of Sports

watching Indian captain Virat Kohli embrace opponents Mohammad Rizwan and Babar Azam was such a refreshing sight that it wiped out part of the disappointment fans experienced from the drubbing.

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sharing a meal eating together

Food: the Universal Unifier

At the dining table the conversation had over food among different genders, races and social communities has the scope to reduce preconceptions and prejudices which is why food can initiate a strong social community bonding.

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movie theatres and OTT platforms

Last Show

While OTT platforms were already on the scene, with theatres forced to close their doors during the lockdown, the audience soon turned to these streaming apps for their regular dose of entertainment.

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social media trolls

Trolls will be Trolls

Trolls must be made accountable for their behaviour, because from the cancel culture where a public figure faces backlash for what they do or say

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rain Kolkata
Belles Lettres

Feel the Rain

With the world fascinated with the rain, it doesn’t come as a surprise that rain has been romanced in literature and is often used to symbolize trials of life, ominous foreboding and a time of introspection.

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