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Summer activities Kolkata riverside, Photo story
Photo story

Photo story: Summer activities – Kolkata  riverside

The ghats of the Ganges provide a welcome relief during this period, with the gentle breeze bringing down the unease to some extent. People take dips in the water, pets take to the water for some fun time and little boys jump in too, showing off some acrobatics.

Photo story by Siddhartha Paul

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Baisakhi Saha

For Baisakhi Saha, The World Is Her Stage

Baisakhi Saha’s world is on the move-well, almost always, as her home is where destiny takes her. The Kolkata girl who moved to Singapore to study on a scholarship when she was just 17 has since then lived in Africa, South America, USA and for the last couple of years in Costa Rica with occasional visits to her home town.

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Audio Visual

Photo story: Kolkata Maidan in winter morning

As the winter dawn graces Kolkata, Maidan transforms into a tranquil haven. Horses roam gracefully, their silhouettes blending with the muted hues of the morning sky. Dew-kissed grass glimmers in the feeble sunlight, evoking a bygone era’s charm.

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Maghen David Synagogue, Kolkata

The Synagogues of Kolkata

Of the three Jewish synagogues in Kolkata, the Beth El and the Maghen David synagogues have the distinction of being the only two synagogues in India recognized by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) as Grade I monuments.

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restaurants and cafes in Kolkata

Eating Calcutta: Then and Now

At school I tucked into tiffin boxes filled with food from so many communities. I happily exchanged corn beef sandwiches for spicy Aloo Parathas. I will never forget my first taste of Sushi at my friend Ikuko’s birthday party.

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Kolkata wetlands

Saving Kolkata’s Future: One Pond at a Time

Kolkata’s innumerable freshwater and salt-water bodies, if we cherish, manage, and protect, will play a vital role in mitigating our tenuous climate future These wetlands play a pivotal role in naturally treating our sewage through a self-sustaining system, partly natural and partly engineered.

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P S Bhopal paddle ship

A Voyage Through Tide and Time in a Paddle Ship Made in 1944

This voyage will start from the old Fairlie Warehouse that houses an impressive collection of documents chronicling the city’s history. It will include a visit to the Maritime Heritage Center (Port Museum,) that holds detailed records of the passage of indentured labourers through the Calcutta port.

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Alipore museum kolkata

Alipore Museum is a Sombre Reminder of the Freedom Struggle

It is like walking into an era of extreme suffering faced by fellow countrymen and more importantly, freedom fighters. Only ‘suffering’ wasn’t what they called it. They took great pride in serving jail terms, carried it like a feather on their caps and boasted of it while comparing terms with other inmates.

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