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Tuesday May 17, 2022


cafes in Kolkata

The Thriving Cafe Culture in Kolkata

It makes one feel happy at the vibrancy of these cafés. Be it their décor, well curated menus, customer profiles and/or their savvy staff—all together have contributed to the mood and popularity of these places.

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ruma chakraborty newspaper vendor
Art & Craft

The Beauty and Resilience of Kolkata Women

Yet it is the stories of Lahana Ghose, Sanhita, Ruma Chakraborty and Mala Pal that have resonated particularly for me. Each has not only overcome many gender barriers to work in their field, but created opportunities for other women in traditionally male worlds.

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christmas cake baking

So it is Christmas…Time for Some Cakes!

The taste of Christmas cakes varies from one family to another as the ingredients used also vary. Each family has a different recipe to which they adhere, but the spirit of giving remains unchanged in every family.

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college street coffee house

Adda! The College Street Coffee House: A Review

What is the Coffee House like today? Does it still draw bright young students to gather together and discuss the economics and politics of the day, the finer points of their curricula, or the latest happenings in the world of theatre, music and literature?

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Milky way

Mumma’s Bindis (I)

Momo entered middle school that Fall, but Dadu never came back from that trip to India. The scrapbook that he had started for Ujaan from newspaper and magazine cuttings lay incomplete.

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Che Guevara at B N Elias factory Agarpara

The Galaxy of Calcutta Jewish Stars

While Sulochana (Ruby Myers 1907 – 1983) and Nadira (Florence Ezekiel 1932 – 2006) were Baghdadi Jewish girls from Pune and Bombay respectively, Esther Victoria Abraham (Pramila) and her cousin Rose who introduced Esther to film were from Calcutta.

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