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Friday August 12, 2022


children and bullying

Help Children Cope with Bullying

A child who is bullied might find it difficult to comprehend why they are being targeted. Questions like who’s at fault, and how to respond, confuse them further. So it’s up to parents to empower them with methods that will help them understand and deal with the situation.

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summer holidays

Make Your Child’s Vacation Fun

‘Boredom’, the word didn’t exist. There was always something exciting to try out. A new adventure awaited us around the next corner. So nowadays it baffles me when I hear children moan about vacations being boring and they can’t wait for school to reopen.

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patience in children

Learning to be Patient

Patience is much more than a virtue. The intentional choice to stay calm and composed is a display of an individual’s mental strength.

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children at school

Time Management for Children

A child’s daily routine comprises some core activities, like study, eating, grooming, physical training, leisure and sleep. We live in an era when the level of competition every child faces and the pressure of life goals is set in stone from a very early age.

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Freedom to Fall

After the birth of a child, parents themselves take baby steps into parenthood much like toddlers do – unsure and hesitant. Our first instinct as parents is to be protective of our child.

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