Photo story: Winter in Sweden

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Home » Photo story » Photo story: Winter in Sweden

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Sweden, located on the Scandinavian Peninsula in Northern Europe, is a coastal country. The city of Helsingborg is situated along the shores of the Baltic Sea. It experiences a cool climate most of the year, with merely two months of summer.

From the end of November, snowfall season begins, lasting until April. Between April and November, it still experiences occasional snowfall and flurries. Periodic rain with high winds makes the weather inclement and temperatures drop below freezing, often reaching well below twenty degrees in Celsius.

Lakes freeze over, allowing for ice skating, but caution is advised due to the varying strength of the ice. If the temperature remains below freezing for about seven to eight consecutive days, a sense of security with solid snow safe for skating.

It is fun and locals, young and old enjoy skating on the frozen lake and keeps the tradition going.

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