Photo story: Kolkata Maidan in winter morning

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As the winter dawn graces Kolkata, Maidan transforms into a tranquil haven. Horses roam gracefully, their silhouettes blending with the muted hues of the morning sky. Dew-kissed grass glimmers in the feeble sunlight, evoking a bygone era’s charm.

In this serene setting, cricket enthusiasts converge on Maidan, setting up impromptu matches. The leather ball swings in harmony with winter winds, echoing the timeless cricketing traditions etched in the city’s soul. Against this backdrop, the rhythmic sound of bat meeting ball becomes a melody, encapsulating Kolkata’s winter dawn—an artistry of history, sport, and nature.

Amidst the enchanting winter dawn of Kolkata’s Maidan, as horses graze and cricket unfolds, there’s a subtle magic in the air. Here, not only do cricketing traditions thrive, but love, too, blossoms like a delicate flower in the morning dew, weaving an additional layer of warmth into the city’s timeless tapestry.

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