Photo story: Kite festival 2023 in Lincoln city, USA

[Please see the amazing pictures in full screen]

Kites are dreams that take your imaginations to new heights. And when they are shaped like octopuses, whales and crabs, astronauts and tractor wheels, with colours borrowed from the rainbow, you feel the child in you is walking on the sandy beach of the Pacific.

The Kite festival in Lincoln city, one of the many that takes place in the summer at Oregon beaches in the US, was a rapturous festival I witnessed a few months back.

The kites were of two varieties— one was for decorative purposes and the other for the actual flying. Butterfly shapes and squarish kites with long tails were the two primary flying kites. The flying is either single or more commonly a group work with multiple kites involving incredible skills and years of practice. Teams from the US and Europe were there to make groups of kites fall in a medley of ballet on the backdrop of inspiring music. A few scenes from the drama is worth watching.

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