Beauty and the Beast

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short story for children

Mr and Mrs Ostrich were proud to say, to anyone who crossed their path, that they were the prettiest people in the entire animal kingdom and absolutely perfect at everything. Their loud crowing broke the silence of the Savannah dawn and woke Mr Warthog, sleeping in a nearby burrow. 

The weary and ugly warthog came stumbling out of his burrow, knocking over Mr Ostrich and his bevy of admirers.
“How dare you?!”exclaimed Mr Ostrich, fluffing up his white tail feathers.
The warthog retorted, “Is this a Beauty contest ?”
The ostrich, full of himself, declared “Why not ?”
Irritated, Mr Warthog grunted, “Fair enough, loser. See you on Sunday.” 

Hearing this the gazelles and other creatures chuckled loudly. The warthog, fuming with rage, stomped away. As he walked through the prairie, hidden in the tall grass, he started to regret his words. He knew it would be impossible to beat such a fine and beautiful creature. 

In the days before the competition, he tried to prepare himself. He squished some berries onto his skin to improve the dirty grey skin and got his friends the mongoose to clean him up. He even borrowed some peacock feathers that his friends had brought all the way from India. 

At last, the day of the contest came…The warthog felt extremely nervous. It was Ostrich’s turn to go first. He danced and jumped elegantly on his long legs. The audience applauded. While no one noticed, a leopard had sneaked up behind the crowd.

The ostrich’s feet were wearing out till he stumbled into the muddy banks of the river. Everyone gasped. Just then the warthog’s big ugly snout quickly sensed the scent of the leopard and he sent a horrible alarming squeal that scattered all the creatures to safety. 

The leopard, miffed on his attack being spoiled, went after the wild pig. Mr Warthog bravely turned around and charged straight at the predator and with his mighty tusks gored his side and threw him in the air.

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  1. Tara it’s such a pleasure to see you bloom with your talents . God bless you . May all your dreams come true

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