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Wednesday June 29, 2022

That Thing that Disgusts me Most!

bee insect

I’m supposed to write an interesting essay on something that disgusts me. Ok, a lot of things disgust me, but this is the most. It is…surprise surprise…biting insects. I know it’s cliche, but hey who likes to walk around with a stinging sensation in your body huh? Those insects are absolutely terrifying. But the terrible thing is the insect I am speaking of has created a chemical bond between us. It gives a (not-so) pleasant surprise by turning up whenever I am doing something I like. It loves to hang out around me and always spins round a little above my head, trying to draw a halo. I don’t irritate it much because I’m very empathetic. Hehe, let me explain, once an insect of the same kind stung my elder sis and it hurt! Even I could feel it…isn’t that what happens to empathetic people? 

Anyway, leave all that. I’ll put some light on this morning’s incident. I was sitting on the chair by my window engulfed in heavenly laziness reading something on my laptop on my lap (hehe that was obvious). I saw that insect, which was probably injured or something, taking a midday stroll in our room. I was reading a sad part and looked around to distract myself from all that emotion, and spot the dear insect relaxing on my knee. I couldn’t even move because guess what, I didn’t want to murder my darling laptop. And so I just handled the situation as a mature teen that I am NOT. I asked my mum to throw it out because I loved my life and won’t let that insect play with it. Ok, I went overboard, but still, it would be painful if it stung! Insects nowadays! So, I guess that’s the thing that disgusts (and terrifies) me…and I’ve talked quite a lot about it…so..bye!

Image courtesy: Pixabay


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