Coming Home to Mother

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short fiction mother and daughter
She missed her mother terribly.

Allison, a young girl lived with her mother. One night on Christmas, Allison’s mother went out for a party and never made it home. Since that day, She started hating Christmas. She had to move in with her relatives. She missed her mother terribly. 

Years later on another Christmas, Allison was sitting all alone in an empty house as everyone else had gone out. She went to her room and started going through her mother’s things that she had brought along. She found a piece of paper with an unfamiliar address and the date of her disappearance written on it. She decided to go to the address. 

When she reached there, she saw an old, broken-down house with no lights inside it. She decided to go in. When she went in, she found a room with just one candle lit inside it. There, on a cot was her mother. Allison couldn’t move. She ran towards her and hugged her tightly. It was the night on which wishes came true. 

Outside, she could hear Santa’s bells. 

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