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Hope by Sayanshuvra Chakraborty
Sayanshuvra Chakraborty

Last year I hoped I could go have fun with my friends,
This year I hope no one in my family will die.

Last year I was angry  I missed my graduation,
This year I hope  I can go outside once again.

Last year I wished for school to end soon,
This year I wish to step inside my new school.

Last year I hoped  this would be over soon,
This year I hope ignorance, not hinder our freedom.

My hopes were shattered,
My anger became obsolete,
My wishes went unanswered,
This year, things may soon change,
A new day is upon us,
Our new hopes, new wishes, new ideas,
A new day is upon us,
May we soon are able to seize it.

Picture Credit:unsplash.com

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5 Responses

  1. Expression of ideas very prominent : the wishes the little one possessed and his expectations are pretty good
    The poem ends in a note of positivity which is the key.

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