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Tuesday June 28, 2022

My Flower Garden

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There is a beautiful garden behind our house. My uncle takes care of it and he so much loves being with the plants that he even talks to them. There are two gardeners who take care of the garden along with him. Our garden has many different kinds of plants and trees. The tallest are two coconut trees. We drink coconut water from the coconuts of those trees.                    

We grow different flowers in different seasons. In summers my uncle plants flowers like bougainvillea, hibiscus, sunflowers and many more. We enjoy seeing the green grass with colourful flowers around.                

During winters we change the grass and make a perfect pitch to play badminton. My entire family enjoys playing badminton in the winters. Some of our friends come over to play with us as well. My grandfather has his morning tea in the garden while reading his newspaper.             

The garden looks beautiful with  so many tall trees and many beautiful flowers around us. My uncle plays a major role in making our garden beautiful and because of him we can spend so many happy hours in our garden . 


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