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Saturday July 2, 2022

Offline Classes are Better than Online Classes

I am happy offline classes have resumed

Yes, I agree that offline classes are better than online ones.  For the past two years, online classes have been the only option left for schools.  However, they have not been able to match up to classroom classes.  Students’ education, health, and social skills have been heavily affected.  Hence, I believe that offline school is better.

For two years, school campuses in India were left empty. Google Meet and Zoom had become the new classrooms. As a result, children who had just joined school never saw their school or interacted with their classmates; others lost their sense of discipline and order.  Many students were unable to concentrate in class; during exams, they sought the help of their parents. Online classes were detrimental to their academics.  Normally, in school, students have sports or physical training classes.  However, at home, exercising is extremely difficult, because of space constraints, which harmed their physical well-being too. Lastly, there is another glaring disadvantage of online classes.  Through their computer screens, children are unable to interact with each other as freely as they could in a physical classroom. Thus their social skills do not improve. A large number of students have become introverts, which is harmful for their future prospects.

Offline schools allow students to interact, build bonds, learn skills, and overall improve their education.  Online schools do not manage to properly do these things.  Hence, I believe offline classes are better than online ones and I’m very happy that offline classes have finally resumed. 


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