Mothers Day Contest (III): My Mumma is the Best

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Thespaceink Mothers Day writing contest was announced to encourage young authors to write about their mother. We’ll be publishing Mothers Day articles throughout Mothers Day week.

She is someone I love the most in this world. She is pretty, kind, loving and you’ll need more than all the nice adjectives in this world to describe her.

I miss her when she goes out to work everyday. You’ll just know she has a kind heart when I tell you that she is a healer and psychological counsellor. You might as well know her, since she is quite well known and works for a healthcare organisation. My mother always tries to help people and that is what I love most about her.

She cooks food in the evenings and occasionally spends time with me too. Dropping and picking me up from my many classes gives us time to talk to each other. She likes reading books, helping me study, going on long drives and ambient dinners.

Her hobby is that she loves playing with our puppy, Joey, and board games with me. On Friday nights we watch movies together.
From the title of this article, you’ll probably know who ‘she’ is. Well, she is my mother, my sweet, beautiful, kind mummy who loves me the most in this world.

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