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Saturday July 2, 2022

Lunch on a Sunday

lunch on a sunday

It was another scorching day in the middle of summer. The children were all out playing in the park and would be soon coming home. The house was absolutely silent except the rustling of the newspaper my husband was reading for the tenth time since the morning. I sat down after preparing the lunch to take a deep breath but my soiled children tumbled right in at that moment. My youngest, Misha, had a huge cut on her knee and was wailing. So, I quickly cleaned her wound and gave her some candy to calm her down. Then as I was setting the table, a glass slipped from my hand and was shattered. The shards of glass and the water that was spilled was soon cleaned up. The children shouted, “I want food” and “What’s for lunch, I am so hungry”. Soon I sat down with them and each child spilled at least one of their food items which I hurriedly cleaned before they flowed onto their clothes.

Misha, who is the pickiest eater, sulked in her seat after looking at the ladyfinger I had prepared for lunch today and I had to finally give her my phone to play games while eating to make sure that something other than pieces of cucumber go inside her stomach. However, my husband who would eat this very vegetable in each meal if he could, was elated and ate double the amount he usually does. Anyhow we finished lunch and I sent them all to watch some television. I have heard this saying several times that a Sunday lunch is usually so calm, well lunch at my house is never calm and not at all peaceful!

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