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Saturday July 2, 2022

When the Dust Settles

when the dust settles
when the dust settles

My world was taken into a tornado of dust, uprooted straight from its roots like a tree. When it all passed, I could see in front of me was the remnants of my previous life.

Nothing would ever be the same. This holiday would be etched into my memory as a reminder of never coming to a foreign country alone. I remember my fight with my parents for their approval to travel to the great desert for a music festival. There were no predicted sandstorms by the weather forecast, but they weren’t here now. People were fighting to be grounded, holding onto tables, chairs or even each other. I tried to run but there was no point. The tornado ran faster than me. My entire life I have never stayed in one place for longer than a few months. But I had gone to the city of dreams with many aspirations. I was working my way up to be a CEO of a company. This was the only holiday I had taken in three years. I became selfish and this was the universe’s way to get back at me. I tried to fight the pull of the whirl of dust and objects. Each step was harder than the next and each reminded me of another thing I had accomplished with my hard work. 

I slowly began to lose track of time with the echoes of screams. I thought in the next ten minutes the dust would settle and I would go back to being normal but for now I am fighting my way through like I have been all my life. In the end, the dust never settled but I had become used to seeing the dust and fighting my way through it. The dust will truly settle when I can show my family back in the village what I have become today. 


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