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Saturday July 2, 2022

Frozen: My Favourite Book

frozen elsa

My favourite book’s name is Frozen. It is written by Victoria Saxon. This book is about two sisters. The elder one, Elsa, had a magical secret. She had the power to create ice. She also had a younger sister named Anna. One day, it was time for Elsa to become the queen but an icy blast shot out of Elsa’s hand. Her magical powers went out of control. She ran out of the kingdom leaving her family and friends behind. Anna, her little sister set out to search for her sister. At last, she found her. Elsa warned Anna to go away from her. She was about to freeze Anna by mistake. But with all her strength Anna said, “Elsa!”. Suddenly all the snow started to melt and summer was back. I like this book because it touches my heart. Elsa had a lot of love for her sister Anna. Just like Elsa, I too love my younger sister. It is also the story I love to watch on the Disney channel. I hope everyone reads this book once.

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